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Advanced Player Next Steps
By now, you’ve taken swing lessons and spent a good bit of time on the range.  Your ability to evaluate and execute shots starts to feel comfortable, and you’re starting to control trajectory.  You hit 8 to 10 greens in regulation, and you probably have an area or two of your game – likely approach shots and green reading – that are weaker than others.  
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Avoiding a slice is no longer a big problem as you’ve learned to work the ball in both directions.  Approach shots and bunker play have advanced but still, you feel there’s room for reducing dispersion.

Short game doesn’t always feel quite right, but for the first time you’re able to execute a flop shot and get up-and-down.  You believe you’re developing a repertoire of trouble shots.     


Going forward, it’s all about finetuning.  You need to get the most out of your equipment and identify how to correct on-course problems quickly.  You realize that the finer points of practice routines and course management are key to faster development. 

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You’ve gotten much better, but you’re surprised that you’re still working on many of the same things you did as a beginner and intermediate player.  Shot evaluation and preparation, alignment, posture, and tempo continue to be important.  They matter at every level!  When things go awry, always go back to your performance fundamentals!
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