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Club Fitting

Club Fitting

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Stanhope was a successful junior and college golfer.  He won back-to-back North Carolina state championships for Bishop McGuinness High School and he was ranked among the top-50 players in his class by the AJGA.  Stanhope won the 2011 Carolinas Golf Association title at the N.C. Junior Boys' Championship at Pine Island Country Club in Charlotte. Named first team all-state by Carolinas Golf Association in 2011.

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Serious golfers play an average of 21 rounds per year, which means there’s a lot of use of clubs and balls and expensive golf equipment must be stored properly.
  1.  Clean clubs, grips and balls before storing with warm water, a small amount of dishwashing soap and a brush like a toothbrush.  You may want to clean clubface grooves with a special groove-cleaning tool.  

  2. Clean your non-leather golf bag and shoes with a soft cloth and non-abrasive soap and let dry for 12 hours.  If you have a leather bag or shoes, follow directions of the manufacturer.

  3. Use two or more golf gloves when you play – rotating them – and wash them in cold water.  After they dry, put them on so they don’t shrink.

  4. Don’t store anything that’s wet.

  5. Store all equipment in a secure location away from heat and damp.  Don’t put them in the trunk of your car where heat can affect epoxy on the clubheads and grips, and don’t place them in your backseat where they can become a target for crime. 

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View the in depth Equipment Maintenance slide deck below.
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