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To be successful at the highest level, you need to draw on all your golfing experience, and performance aspects are so important to success in competition.  It’s about passion and confidence!
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Players at your high level of expertise need to practice and do everything with purpose.

Clear Focus:  On each shot, make good decisions about lie and conditions and have a consistent pre-shot routine.

Emotionally Stable:  There should be little reaction to poor shots and bad breaks or even good ones. Stay calm! You’re experienced and golf smart, so don’t over-react or over-think.  Your first instinct will usually be correct.

Optimal Arousal:  Be aware of tension creeping in and be able to control it.  Stay even keeled!

Moderate Aggression:  Challenge courses and take smart risks.  

Decisive:  Evaluate circumstances carefully, make good decisions based on the conditions and circumstances and then commit to them.

Tough-Minded:  Be unaffected by conditions, self-reliant, indifferent to others and able to overcome adversity.  

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See Yourself as a Winner:  Be self-assured, self-confident, and guilt free.  
Smile:  You’re playing golf for a living and, consequently, you should be happy!
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