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with Chris Dorris
Chris Dorris - Emotional Mastery 101 and the O-Line Lengthy

Chris Dorris - Emotional Mastery 101 and the O-Line Lengthy

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Chris is the ultimate in success coaching!  He helps people close the gap between how their lives are and how they want to be

Chris started his career as a social worker in Atlantic City, helping the mentally ill, drug addicted and homeless populations.  He then decided to marry his passion for the human spirit with his other passion, sports.  He has trained PGA Tour Players, NFL and NHL coaches, Super Bowl Champions, actors, and business executives, and he authored three books:


  • The Book of Mental Toughness Mantras

  • The Daily Dose:  Start All 365 Days of Your Year With a Dose of Mental Toughness in 30 Seconds or Less

  • Creating Your Dream:  Confidently Stepping into Your Own Brilliance


Chris also co-authored When All Boats Rise, and he has created several audio programs, including Creating Your Dream, The Edge, Mental Toughness for Miraculous Golf, and All-In.

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   Intro - Emotional Mastery 101 & the O-Line Lengthy
  1. Shooter’s Mentality
  2. The Convincing Argument
  3. Catch Own Replace
  4. Decisiveness
  5. Imagery
  6. Interpretation vs. Observation
  7. What is the O-Line?
  8. Lifetime Highlight Reel
  9. Lowest Score You Can Imagine
  10. Pre-Round Routine
  11. Pre-Shot Routine
  12. Post Game Routine
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