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Presented by Jesus Campbell - a researcher and golf enthusiast.

playing golf

Golf has a rich history of decorum.  It offers formality, politeness, and an opportunity to show character.  It encourages socialization and teaches good manners.  In other sports, players hope their referee misses a rules violation and when faced with one they often demand a replay or become crybabies.  In golf, we don’t care about reviews because we have integrity to call penalties on ourselves.

Golf is versatile.  Anyone can learn the sport, no matter age, gender, or athletic ability.  The courses and weather conditions are always different, and no shot or round is ever the same.  You don’t have to block or tackle someone, and you get exercise in nature walking about six miles.

It’s contested on real grass on the prettiest and largest playing field in the world.  You go out there without a uniform on your own or with others.  During the process, you can stare down a tour professional and win a hole, while you’ll never be able to hit the fast ball of a major leaguer.  You can eat food and drink water while athletes in other sports dehydrate.

Golf is fair.  The best player always wins.  At the professional level compensation is pure, based on ability.  There are no guaranteed contracts on the PGA Tour.  Players pay their own expenses, and they don’t make money unless they beat about 60% of the field to make a cut.

happy mature couple on golf course
It’s a beautiful sport that no one masters, but it’s so much fun trying!
What Makes Golf Unique
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