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On Course Nutrition for Golfers
Post-Round Recovery
Hydration 1
Hydration 2
Hydration & Electrolytes
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  1. On-course nutrition for golfers

  2. Fueling for a sport with a long-playing cycle

  3. The right macronutrients for your game

  4. Pre-round preparation before arriving at the course

  5. Pre-round preparation in the face of difficult circumstances

  6. Post-round recovery

  7. Hydration 1

  8. Hydration 2

  9. Hydration & Electrolytes

Download the in depth Fuel & Hydration slide deck below.
Golf fuel and hydration
Overall healthy nutrition is beneficial, but on-course eating is especially important.  During a 4-plus hour round fuel to the brain and body is depleted.

 It must be replenished in consistent, healthy ways to avoid spikes and then crashes in blood-sugar levels. Fluctuations in energy and focus can unconsciously diminish ability to make decisions and execute shots.

For example, a small change in body chemistry can negatively impact club path and resulting direction of your shot.  The average golf swing takes less than 2 seconds while average swing speed of a recreational player hitting a driver is 93 miles per hour.  If your mind and body aren’t in sync during that quick period of high-speed movement, your eye-hand coordination can lapse.  And when it does, just 2-degrees of clubface misalignment at impact sends a shot twenty yards offline.

healthy food
It’s all about using food and fluids to generate consistent levels of focus, eye-and-hand coordination, and overall performance!  Steady, properly sequenced food intake enables muscles to function freely.
Sharp Focus Nutrition products

We recommend Sharp Focus Nutrition on-course eating products, which you can find at  This product was developed by our Founder, Brinson Paolini, with the help of scientists and nutritionists.  It provides proper content and timing of nourishment.

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Golf nutrition and hydration
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