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Expert Golfer Next Steps
You understand that there’s no substitute for working at the game, so you practice a lot.  But at this point in your development, it’s about practicing smarter and not harder.  Practice routines need to become more efficient.
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Your shot evaluation and pre-shot routine are becoming effective.  You’re more patient on the range and while playing on the course.  You’ve seen significant development and you’ve come a long way working through processes, so you understand that with focus more good things will happen. 

The strides you’ve made have given you confidence.  Smile!  Golf is fun, and you now have an urge to compete!

Fitness is starting to play a larger role in your thinking.  You wonder about hip and upper-body mobility, core strength, and generating power in the lower-body.  And you’re looking for any competitive edge, so refinements in performance, nutrition and hydration are being evaluated in earnest. 

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Your swing instructor is more important than ever as s/he is your eyes and ears.  It’s so important that you don’t engrain the wrong kinds of things in your swing.  Sometimes you feel frustrated because you now realize there are different techniques – that can conflict – in swinging a club, but you need to keep focusing on incorporating options that resonate with your makeup.
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